Massage Therapy

I assess each individual client according to the specific needs that present on that day. No two massages will necessarily be the same, as needs and injuries can shift around the body as compensation patterns activate and deactivate. I put emphasis on working with the client to find lasting relief from musculoskeletal problems and maintaining a pain and injury free body.

As my massages are tailormade to the individual needs, they can include techniques from all the listed modalities. I list them however to give you some insight into the various techniques available.

Deep Tissue Massage
The special techniques address all layers of muscle, dissolving adhesions and builtup waste products to prevent chronic pain conditions and promote suppleness. It is slower than the sports massage to allow the body to relax to allow the steady, deep (not hard!) pressure to reach the layers below the surface. Myofascial release, triggerpoints and mobilisation are built into this massage that enters deep into the various layers of muscle.

Sports Massage
Keep your muscles supple and recover faster after training. Drawing on some of the above modalities as well as broad flushing techniques, this massage is ideal to keep you aligned and functioning in symmetry during times of training. Pre and post race massage as well as daily massages during multi day stage events are different and concentrate on general flushing of major muscle groups, to ensure optimum recovery and suppleness as well as some specific work to iron out cramps and spasms that could affect optimal performance the next day.

Manual Lymphdrainage Therapy
A gentle massage style which ensures a more efficient drainage of lymphfluid and aids in the removal of toxins out of the body. Medically MLDT is used to combat oedema resulting from numerous medical conditions ranging from cancer to genetic predispositions.If you are suffering from a medical condition that requires Manual Lymphdrainage Therapy please bring a referral from your Doctor.

Swedish Massage
A relaxing and energising massage which stimulates the circulation. Hot stones can be used by request


R420 for 45minutes
R480 for 60minutes
R670 for 90minutes

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